Educator Recruitment and Preparation

2033 Goal

Increase retention of early-career educators by expanding access to high-quality preparation experiences like internships, residencies, and apprenticeships.

Key Outcomes

Increase the number of early-career educators who stay in the profession through their fifth year from 65% to 75%.

School systems should partner with educator preparation providers (EPPs) and community leaders to develop a comprehensive strategy to recruit new teachers. Although teacher residencies and apprenticeships require a large upfront investment from school systems, the economic model could make more sense when accounting for how much districts spend on replacing teachers and the cost of inducting, coaching, and mentoring teachers who leave the profession. A national report estimates district induction and professional development costs range from $10,000 to $20,000 per educator.

Wider adoption of district-driven and EPP-facilitated clinical experiences could provide a solid foundation for the eventual development of formal teacher leadership programs and innovative professional learning strategies that reinforce the early-career teacher workforce strategies outlined above.

Development of educator pipeline models that increase candidate diversity, address barriers to entry, and are attentive to shortages in hard-to-staff subjects.

Supporting high-quality, school-based experiences for prospective teachers, such as teacher cadet initiatives, educator apprenticeships, and clinical residencies.

Creation of a statewide early learning workforce strategy focused on improving working conditions, strengthening professional preparation, and achieving compensation parity relative to similar professions.

  • State leaders convene a working group to identify high-impact practices associated with recruiting a more diverse, well-qualified cohort of teacher candidates.
  • Nonprofit advocates and experts develop toolkits that help school systems adapt their candidate preparation strategies.
  • The Georgia General Assembly appropriates funds to create a statewide program for districts to develop innovative preparation and induction programming.
  • Licensure pathways for paraprofessionals
  • Network of residency providers
  • Teaching as a Profession career pathway
  • Tiered educator licensure structures
  • Georgia Association of Colleges for Teacher Education