GA Partnership Releases 2019 Top Ten Issues to Watch

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education today released the 2019 edition of the annual Top Ten Issues to Watch report. For the past 15 years, the Partnership has published the report, which identifies and analyzes the key education issues Georgia will be or should be addressing in the coming year. The 2019 edition is now available.

Some of this year’s issues include early learning, school safety, teaching as a profession, and education funding. Each issue is divided into three sections: “Issue Overview,” which defines the topic; “Significance for Georgia,” which puts it into context; and “Action Steps for Georgia” which proposes what the state needs to do to keep moving forward in its public education plan.

The highly anticipated report is written so the public can understand the complexities of the education landscape and is widely disseminated to leaders and education stakeholders across the state. Each Georgia legislator, for example, receives a copy at the opening of the legislative session and several colleges and universities use the report in their education policy classes.

“The Partnership team is proud to have been publishing The Top Ten for 15 years and providing leaders in Georgia with a clear view of the most pressing education issues in the state,” said Dr. Steve Dolinger, president of the Georgia Partnership. “Our aim every year is to write a document that will serve as a tool for policymakers, educators, community and business leaders, and all education stakeholders to identify where opportunities exist to move Georgia forward.”

The report is available in hard copy and online.  The Georgia Partnership will provide a free copy upon request ( Postage reimbursement will be required for greater quantities. The Top Ten can be downloaded here.