About Us

Improving public education in Georgia for 30 years

  • Our History

    Founded in 1992 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit working tirelessly to improve
    student achievement and workforce development in Georgia.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Georgia Partnership is to inform and influence Georgia leaders for the improvement of student achievement. We accomplish our mission through research and non-partisan advocacy to impact public education policies and practices.

  • Our Impact

    The Georgia Partnership has worked to shape public education policy for 30 years. For an overview of our initiatives and impact across the state of Georgia, download the 2024 Power of the Partnership

  • Feb 1, 1992

    Partnership Founded

    The Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Georgia Economic Development Association found the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education.

  • Sep 5, 1992

    Critical Issues Forums Commence

    The Partnership hosted its first Critical Issues Forum, establishing what has become one of the organization's signature programs.

  • Nov 1, 1992

    Joined the Next Generation School Project

    The Partnership leveraged $30 million in state, private, and local matching funds to turn 51 local school systems into models of academic excellence.  Each system participating in the Next Generation School Project succeeded in raising student achievement results.

  • Jan 1, 1993

    Annual Bus Trip Across Georgia Launched

    The Partnership kicks off the annual Bus Trip Across Georgia, which showcased model schools and educational programs that result in outstanding student achievement.  Business, education, government and civic leaders boarded buses for the tour to observe educators in action improving learning opportunities for their students. The program was discontinued in 2013.

  • Jul 1, 2001

    GLISI Established

    In 2002, the Partnership helped incubate the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement, an organization that has since become an independent, non-profit organization serving education leaders across Georgia.

  • Jan 11, 2004

    First <i>Top Ten Issues to Watch</i> Report Released

    The Partnership releases the first edition of it's widely acclaimed Top Ten Issues to Watch report.

  • Nov 1, 2004

    <i>Economics of Education</i> Report First Published

    The Partnership releases the first edition of the Economics of Education Report, laying out the argument that developing a strong education system is a high leverage economic development strategy. The report was updated in 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2017.

  • Aug 1, 2008

    Education Policy Fellowship Program Launched

    The Partnership becomes the Georgia site for the Education Policy Fellowship Program, a nationally recognized fellowship initiative, that engages a diverse and collaborative community of strategic leaders to promote equitable education policy.

  • Oct 1, 2014

    Race to the Top Report Released

    In 2014, the Georgia Department of Education tapped the Partnership to conduct an independent review of the state’s 4-year, $4 million Race to the Top program.

  • Nov 1, 2017

    EdQuest Georgia

    The Partnership launches EdQuest Georgia, a policy framework designed to inform, engage and mobilize stakeholders in Georgia – particularly in the education, business, philanthropic, and policy-making communities – to work together to support innovative and evidence-based educational reform.

  • Aug 29, 2022

    Partnership Celebrates 30th Anniversary

    The Partnership celebrates 30 years of advocating for Georgia's students and improving achievement.