Article by Board Chair Puts Focus on Early Care ‘Industry’

Dear Georgia Partnership Supporter:

It is always good to start the week on the right foot and we have certainly done that today.  The latest Saporta Report, a weekly business-focused online publication, includes a story authored by the Georgia Partnership’s Board Chair, Kevin Greiner, President and CEO, Gas South.  Georgia’s early learning industry – an economic win today with long-term business, social impacts, provides a different look at the world of early care and education and underlines its value to the state.

I’m happy to report Georgia Trend’s daily business reporta compilation of key business headlines/articles, picked this story up for their Monday edition!  Please share the article with colleagues and associates.

For our friends in the Macon area, the second of four “The Economic Impact of the Early Care and Education Industry in Georgia – A Briefing and Public Policy Forum” will be presented Wednesday morning, October 14.  The Georgia Partnership is participating. Registration is requested The final two events will be held in Atlanta, October 21, and Athens, October 23.

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-Bill Maddox
Communications Director