Forum Looks at Higher-Ed’s Student Focused Approach

Dear Colleague:

If you were able to attend yesterday’s Critical Issues Forum at Georgia Public Broadcasting, thank you!  It was well attended and provided insight from several of our higher education leaders from around the state including our featured speaker and Board member, Chancellor Hank Huckaby.  Fellow Board member, Commissioner Gretchen Corbin, Technical College System of Georgia, provided her expertise in a panel discussion that followed Chancellor Huckaby’s opening remarks.  The Forum also received considerable media attention.  Here is one story.

I want to thank our good friends at AT&T for their recent donation to the Partnership’s work.  Rich Johnson was with us yesterday to publicly present us with a $25,000 check.  We are grateful!

Here is a short recap of the Forum that will give you an idea what key points were covered yesterday.  The session was videotaped and we hope to have that available on our website by Monday.  We will alert you.

Thank you for your support.

-Bill Maddox
Communications Director