National Award Honors Work of Georgia Partnership

Dear Council Member:

I am proud to report that the Data Quality Campaign has named the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education its Flashlight Award for Advocacy Organization of the Year recipient. The award “recognizes outstanding work by a national or state-based non-profit organization in promoting and protecting effective data use in the service of students” and was formally presented at the DQC’s Education Data Summit held in Washington, D.C. Monday.

You can get the details in the DQC press release but I would like to include a comment from the organization’s President and CEO, Aimee Rogstad Guidera.  She said, “DQC values the incredible work GPEE has done, bringing together a wide range of community partners to ensure Georgia’s student data policies were reasonable, sustainable and in the service of students.”  I would like to emphasize the work of the many partners who joined us in our shared mission of making the Georgia public education system a model for other states.  Thank you!

Awards such as this tend to make us work even harder to continue our efforts at improving student achievement in Georgia.  That is our pledge to you.

Thank you for your continuing support!

-Steve Dolinger