AJC HB 338 Editorial Includes GPEE Comments

Dear Council Member:

If you saw the Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial, “New school oversight bill grades as incomplete” (which focused on the role of the appointed Chief Turn Around Officer, CTO, in HB 338),  you noticed two comments from Georgia Partnership President, Steve Dolinger.  The proposed legislation is commonly referred to as “Plan B” to help Georgia’s consistently failing schools.

Steve made some key points that hopefully will be considered as this bill enters its final days of debate. First, the CTO must put sustainable processes in place if there is any hope for long-term success and, second, it is critical the governor’s office, the state board of education, and the state school superintendent be on the same sheet of music and work together.

You can read the editorial here. It is subscriber protected but if you are not a subscriber, you can scroll down slowly to read the article.  The bill in its current form has had some changes and will be debated in the Senate Education and Youth Committee this afternoon.  You can review media reports on HB 338 as well as others, on the Georgia Partnership’s Legislation 2017 page.

Thank you for your support!

-Bill Maddox
Communications Director