Georgia Senate to Recognize Georgia Partnership’s 25 Years of Service!

Dear Colleague:

The Georgia Senate will honor the Georgia Partnership team tomorrow at the Capitol with the reading of Senate Resolution 362. If you have the opportunity, we invite you to join us remotely via the Senate’s broadcast.  Here is the link. It will not go live until just before the presentation which will be 10 a.m. or a little after.  Here is an alternate link if that link does not work. Click on “Senate Chamber” on the left side.

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education is 25 years old. Business, government, community and education leaders came together in 1992 with a vision of an organization that would have impact in improving public education in our state.  Looking back, there are few major education issues Georgia has faced since then that don’t have a Georgia Partnership mark on them. We are proud of that!

Five years ago we celebrated our 20th anniversary with one of our Critical Issues Forums at the Carter Center.  It was a fitting time of reflection as we remembered our work and many of the people who were instrumental in our founding, development, operation and growth.  We have opened a page on our web site that briefly reviews our last five years.  You can also look back on our first 20 years by visiting this page.

So, 25 grand years of hard work!  We are proud of our accomplishments but, as is the nature of this organization, we will never rest on our laurels.  There is so much more to do to ensure all Georgia’s children are afforded a world class education.  Thank you for standing with us but more importantly, with them!

-Steve Dolinger