November 17 Issues Forum Video Now Available

Dear Colleague:

We had a good audience at our last Critical Issues Forum November 17 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:  Opportunity, Prosperity & Growth: Education’s Role.  If you were able to attend, thank you!

If you would like to review the interesting presentation provided by the Bank’s Executive Vice President and Director of Research, Dr. David Altig, as well as the following panel discussion, click here.

On behalf of the entire Georgia Partnership for Excellence team – Steve, Diane, Alice, Caitlin, Dana, and Theresa – I want to thank you for your continuing support.  The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to slow down and reflect on the important work we are involved in and the many talented and dedicated people who help us do what we do, improving student achievement in Georgia!

From all of us, we send a heartfelt, “Thank you!”

-Bill Maddox
Communications Director