GA Partnership Releases 2024 Top Ten Issues to Watch Report focuses on how state and community leaders can pursue a common vision for educational excellence.

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January 5, 2024 – The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education today released the 2024 edition of the annual Top Ten Issues to Watch report. Now in its twentieth year, the report continues to spotlight and analyze the key education issues Georgia will be or should be addressing in the coming year. This year’s report organizes the issues around our EdQuest Georgia 2023 framework, a ten-year, policy-driven vision focused on ensuring 65% of Georgians aged 25 to 64 have earned a post-secondary credential by 2033. Each issue emphasizes the importance of all education and community partners moving in common purpose over the next 10 years and highlights the benefits of removing the barriers that threaten the long-term well-being of individuals and communities. 

The highly anticipated report is written so the public can understand the complexities of the education landscape and is widely disseminated to leaders and education stakeholders across the state. Each Georgia legislator, for example, receives a copy at the opening of the legislative session, school districts leverage the report in their leadership training, and colleges and universities routinely incorporate the report in their education policy classes.  

“We are incredibly proud to be releasing the 20th edition of the Top Ten Issues to Watch report and even more grateful that in the publication’s twenty-year span, it remains a go-to reference for policymakers looking for a trustworthy source on Georgia’s education landscape,” said Dr. Dana Rickman, president of the Georgia Partnership. “We are encouraged by the report’s longevity and enduring significance within Georgia’s education and legislative communities. We remain steadfast in our hope that the EdQuest Georgia Framework and the annual Top Ten Issues to Watch will serve as tools for all public education stakeholders to unite under a common vision of excellence that will transform educational opportunity, economic mobility, and workforce readiness across Georgia.”  

The report is available in hard copy and online.  The Georgia Partnership will provide a free copy upon request ( Postage reimbursement will be required for greater quantities. The Top Ten can be downloaded on our web site at