ESSA Feedback

Good afternoon! We wanted to make you aware that yesterday the Georgia Department of Education released the draft of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan. We would encourage you to look over the plan and provide your feedback through the survey.

While we have not had time to fully review the ESSA draft plan, at first glance it looks thorough and seems to focus on areas that will drive school improvement and better student achievement. In the coming days, we will look carefully through the plan to ensure it concentrates on what is good for kids and that the plan sets ambitious goals, especially around accountability. The accountability measure must emphasize all groups of students and influence the rating a school receives so they are driven to improve student achievement for all kids, not just some.

It is also critical that we keep our high expectations in all areas, including our standards. Georgia must continue to have consistent, rigorous academic standards that prepare our students for college and give them the skills they need to compete in our global economy from the day they enter kindergarten, and we cannot take a step backwards.

  1. Click here to read Georgia’s ESSA State Plan.
  2. Click to view Georgia’s ESSA State Plan Index.
  3. Click the following links to access two-page overviews of key plan areas:
    Education of the Whole ChildAccountabilityAssessmentEducator and Leader DevelopmentFederal Programs to Support School Improvement

Matt Cardoza

Communications Director