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What is the Economics of Education?

Simply put, without a strong education foundation, maximum success, either personal or community focused, is simply not possible. This page highlights our latest Economics of Education publication that supplements our overall “Econ of Ed” program. Visit the Georgia Partnership’s Economics of Education page for program history and details as well as relating news items.

Economics of Education – Edition 5

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education fielded the Fifth Edition of this popular report in October 2017.  This supplements the Partnership’s Economics of Education program.  This edition continues the partnership with the Georgia Chamber of Commerce that began when the Economics of Education program was launched in late 2003. You can learn more – including how to request a briefing – about the program by visiting the “Econ of Ed” page on this web site. The Georgia Partnership will provide one free copy upon request.

The 4th Edition of Economics of Education is available online (2013).   Hard copies have been exhausted.