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EPFP Spotlight Form

We love staying connected to our EPFP alumni and are always eager to spotlight what they've accomplished since completing the program! With over 200 Georgia EPFP alumni to date, we want to be sure that past, present, and future EPFP fellows are fully plugged into state-wide alumni network and have an awareness of their collective impact on education. Please answer the questions below as concisely as possible. Our communications team will be sure to connect with you before sharing any spotlights publicly. Thank you!

  • What is your current professional role?
  • What year did you complete the EPFP program?
  • Feel free to share news on job changes, awards you've won, appointments, publications, legislation passed, etc.
  • How did your EPFP experience impact your professional or personal trajectory?
  • Max. file size: 3 MB.